Budget Pension Plan

Are you looking for an affordable, manageable pension plan for your employees? ENNIA’s Budget Pension Plan is a great solution! As an employer you determine your budget in advance and set aside what you can afford.

How does the Budget Pension Plan work?

You decide on the available budget for your employees’ pension plan. This budget (available premium) is the starting point for the accrual of their pension. Therefore your employees’ pensions are not fixed; they depend on the invested contributions, expenses, risks and returns on investment. With a Budget Pension Plan you can keep pension costs manageable, now and in the future, and prevent unpleasant and unforeseen cost increases. Your employees receive an extra income when they retire.

The premiums for the employees are determined by calculating a fixed percentage of their pensionable salary. You can increase this percentage if possible within your available budget and the fiscal framework.

Why choose this plan?

  • Flexible: group plan, but still individual choices for your employees.
  • As an employer, your pension expenses are known in advance.
  • Your employees can easily calculate their pension premiums.
  • Your employees themselves can even choose how they want to use their benefit upon retirement.

What’s covered?

  • Old Age Pension.
  • Waiver of premium in the event of disability.
  • Partner’s Pension (optional per employee).
  • Orphan Annuity (optional per employee).
  • Disability Pension (optional per employee).

How much is the Budget Pension Plan?

Our group pension plans are simple, transparent and tailor made with many possibilities to customize the pension commitments. Ask our experienced pension advisors for a personalized estimate, customized for your staff, your financial situation and your business.