Group Pension Plan

A solid pension plan not only ensures the satisfaction and loyalty of employees, but it also attracts new talent. Whether you are a large company or a small business still in the start-up phase, you can always count on ENNIA.

You yourself choose how to design the pension plans for your employees to suit your budget and wishes. As an employer, you enjoy tax benefits: costs are deductible from your profit tax.

We have already listed a few questions for you. You can, of course, always contact our pension advisors for a personal explanation and expert advice.

A pension is (ideally) made up of 3 parts:

  • A part is government pension (AOV).
  • A part from the employer.
  • Personal contribution, for example from life insurance, investments or property.

As an employer you can choose from 2 different pension agreements:

  • The benefit agreement. The employer and employee know in advance exactly which pension benefit the employees will later receive.
  • The premium agreement. The employer and employee know in advance exactly which premium has to be paid for the pension.

Please see the explanation for the pension agreements.

1. Why is an additional employee pension plan important for my organization?

An employer’s pension constitutes an important part of an employee’s total pension benefit. Good employees are indispensible. You want to keep this type of employee. With ENNIA’s Group Pension Plan, your employees are rewarded. They receive:

  • More financial security.
  • Attractive additional benefits.
  • Additional income after retirement.
  • A safety net to ease financial blows in the event of death or disability.
  • An important incentive to stay with your company.

You benefit too as an employer!

  • More motivation.
  • More satisfaction.
  • Higher productivity.
  • Greater involvement.
  • More loyalty.
  • Tax benefits.

2. What types of pension plans are there and which are the best fit for my organization?

A good employee pension plan is always tailored to the specific characteristics of your organization. That’s why this question is not simply answered. Questions that you can already ask are:

  • Should I only set up a pension plan for my employees or also for their families?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of the various options that I can choose from?
  • For each plan, how high are the present and future pension expenses for my organization?

3. Which group pension agreements can I choose from?

Before you select the best pension alternative for your organization and your employees, we would like to explain several important pension concepts. These have to do with the various group pension agreements that you may enter into and the various pension plans.

Please see the explanation of the pension agreements.

4. Which pension benefits and risks can I cover for my employees?

With a pension plan there are different types of insurance, benefits and risks. The amount of benefit depends on the ages, years of employment and salaries of your employees. The benefits and risks that you can cover for your employees are:

  • Old Age Pension.
  • Partner’s Pension.
  • Orphan’s Annuity.
  • Disability Pension.
  • Waiver of premium in the event of disability.

5. ENNIA’s 4 customized pension products:

Based on our experience, we have developed 4 pension products that we can offer to every organization. There is always a possibility to provide your employees with an additional group pension. You can read where the emphasis lies per product and what the specific features can be for your company: