Group Life insurance

If an employee of yours passes away, do you want to offer some form of protection to his/her family? ENNIA’s Group Life insurance takes care of the costs relating to the death of the employee or one of his/her family members. This insurance is for employees for the duration of their employment.

Why choose this insurance?

  • The families of your employees receive financial compensation for the initial costs in the event of the employee’s or one of his/her family member’s deaths, if they are also insured.
  • As an employer, you determine the amount that you insure your employee and/or their family for.
  • You can always adjust your coverage.

What does it cover?

  • A temporary life insurance policy with a maturity date, as long as the employee is in service.
  • There is an insured benefit in the event of death. There is also a benefit payout in the event of an employee’s family member’s death, if you choose family insurance.
  • It is constant life insurance; the chosen amount of benefit remains the same throughout its duration.

How much does ENNIA’s Group Life insurance cost?

As an employer, you determine the amount of benefit to be paid out to your employees. This amount is based on the financial situation of your business and your needs and personal preferences as employer. Your independent insurance advisor or ENNIA can make a personalized estimate for you.