Cargo insurance


ENNIA's Transportation insurance covers loss of or damage to your cargo. You can increase the insurance coverage, if desired, to include coverage for loss and damage due to fire, explosion, war and armed conflicts, accidents during transport, incidents during docking or loading and unloading of your cargo.

Why choose it?

  • Not only can you take out insurance for each shipment, but also continuous transport insurance.
  • Just one phone call gets quick claims handling started for you.
  • We pay out your money quickly (if all documents are in order).
  • Damage abroad? Then Lloyds Surveyor assesses the damage.

What’s insured?

Is transport by sea or by air involved?
For sea or air freight, you can choose from:

1. All Risk
Coverage for damage from all uncertain events and external calamities.


  • An inherent defect and the specific nature of the insured object (also inadequate packaging).
  • Delays.
  • Damage caused during conflicts (for example, war or a strike).

2. Limited coverage (FPA: Free from Particular Average)
Partial coverage for damage if it is caused by something that happened to the means of transport. For example: fire, explosion, running aground, sinking, collision and unloading in a port of refuge. Moreover, the total loss of the cargo is also covered during loading, unloading and transshipment.

3. Total Loss Only (TLO)
Coverage if there is a total loss of the means of transport carrying the cargo.

Is the transportation by land?
Is the cargo being transported in a vehicle by land? Then ENNIA’s Land Transportation coverage offers a solution based on limited coverage (FPA). Land transport insurance only covers damage resulting from an accident (veering off the road, fire, explosion, flipping over, etc.)

What options are there to insure for conflicts?
If you can, then it’s recommended to also include insurance for conflicts, especially considering the existing conflicts worldwide.

  • Uprisings, civil wars, wars, mutiny or
  • Violence by striking workers (labor unrest), excluding laborers.

What does Cargo insurance cost?

The premium for ENNIA Transport insurance depends on several things, such as:

  • Type of goods.
  • Packaging and number of packages.
  • Means of transport.
  • Route.
  • Insured value.
  • Conditions being offered.

We will gladly prepare an offer for you for transport by sea, air and land as well. Given the nature of this insurance, we determine under which conditions the risk is accepted and covered based on the data and the situation.