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Last month it happened again. Another collision with my car. The third collision in two years. I have made it a "hobby" to always choose a different company whenever I need help. That has to do with my profession of course. As an insurance specialist, I often visit companies. I enjoy looking around and taking in the atmosphere. Every company is different, every business owner has his own style.

So, I randomly choose a repair company to have my car fixed. That's how I end up at a repair company in the middle of a neighborhood. The owner met me in the workshop, a few employees were at work. All in nice overalls, and all with facemasks on. They had just finished spraying paint. The paint fumes were bothering me, and I asked if there was no ventilation system. Then one of the guys said: "The door is open, isn’t it?".

“The wind is our ventilation system”

Apparently, that’s how seriously they take this. Just to be clear: I am talking about a successful company with ten employees. When I got out of my car, I could already clearly smell the paint. “That’s not very nice when you are sitting on your porch in this neighborhood”, I thought.

When I looked around a bit better, I saw a large ventilation system in the corner of the workshop. The thing was broken, the owner said. Everything was clogged; the fan, the exhaust ducts, even the ventilation hood on the roof.

It would take thousands of guilders to get everything working again. I asked him how much it would cost if the paint shop would have to close because of odor nuisance. He nodded. As a business owner, he knows exactly what needs to be done. Because it’s always so hectic in the shop, they just haven’t gotten around to it. And of course, having to spend that much money hurts as well.

Of course, making the investment is more than worth it. Even if only because his employees will perform better and won’t be absent as much because of health issues related to the paint smell. Through my social network, I know someone who is very good at repairing installations and tools. He will be able to fix the ventilation system for a good price. We made an appointment right away.

I was in the area yesterday, so I went in to take another look. The owner saw me walking in and put his thumb up right away. When I got out of my car, I didn’t smell any paint at all. Problem solved!

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Sayonara Tiel
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