Why we insure

Life is all about moments of happiness with your family, friends, and colleagues or by yourself. It’s about enjoyment. In everything we do we remember what our most important goal is: to contribute to the celebration of life. 

Because if you feel secure, it’s easier to take care of others, to love, enjoy, create, discover and share. That is exactly what we want for you, for our clients, for ourselves and honestly for the whole world.

We firmly believe that the world would be a better place if people felt secure, carefree and could live the way they want to live. We also believe that people who feel secure are more likely to help each other. That means more respect for each other, respect for each other’s opinions, respect for each other’s property and respect for their environment. These things all contribute to the quality of life. These are the first steps towards enjoying it.

That’s why we also invest in the quality of life. We support charities and great projects that contribute to a healthy and sustainable society with hopes that these things will help the world become a more enjoyable, better and healthier place. But also because we think that there will be fewer accidents and fewer things becoming damaged or worse.

And if something were to unfortunately happen, then we will be there.

Celebrate life.

Feel secure, ENNIA