ENNIA celebrates 40-year anniversary on Bonaire

On Friday, March 3rd, ENNIA celebrated its 40th anniversary on Bonaire. The insurance company opened its doors on the island in 1983 to offer personal service to the local community and businesses that had already purchased ENNIA insurance through intermediaries.

Since then, ENNIA has grown to become a significant player in the insurance and financial services industry on Bonaire and has worked to provide its customers with high-quality insurance solutions and excellent customer service. ENNIA has also contributed to the development of the local economy through financing and securing risks on projects.

The situation from 1983 to the present

Back in 1983, Bonaire had a population of approximately 9,000 and was a vibrant and diverse community. Economically, Bonaire relied heavily on tourism and fishing in 1983. Most people on the island worked in these sectors, although there were some small businesses and government services as well. Even back then, there was a clear growth trend, and ENNIA wanted to contribute to that.

"Over the past 40 years, we have seen many changes on the island and around the world. ENNIA has always adapted to these changes and helped our clients achieve their goals and manage their risks.

During these 40 years, ENNIA has not only developed in the business area in Bonaire, but has actively worked to promote the welfare of the community of Bonaire. We have sponsored and supported various social and cultural activities, including sport events, cultural festivals, educational initiatives and health programs. Some well-known events are Dia di Rincon, various walkathons, the Bario festivals, Carnival, jazz festival and the Regatta.

The 40-year anniversary is a milestone that the entire company is proud of.

“We are grateful for the support we have received from our customers, partners, and the community of Bonaire over the past 40 years. ENNIA remains committed to providing excellent financial services and supporting the development of the island. We are proud to be a part of this community and look forward to many more years of good cooperation," according to Lesley-Ann Brodie CEO of ENNIA.

Daisy Coffie-Green customer for over 60 years

To mark the anniversary, ENNIA hosted a festive evening at the Boutique Hotel Wanapa to thank partners, employees and customers for their support and dedication over the past 40 years. The highlight of the evening was the felicitation of the oldest client in seniority - 60 years! Mrs. Daisy Coffie-Green has ENNIA’s homeowners insurance since September 1962. She had previously obtained the insurance through an intermediary and since 1983 she has been served directly by ENNIA staff.

Elgin Felipa, the insurance inspector who was entrusted by ENNIA Curaçao to set up ENNIA Bonaire was also honored. He worked on the island until 1986 and then returned to Curaçao.

During the evening, Jessica Emers spoke about ENNIA. Jessica Emers has been with ENNIA Bonaire for 37 years, starting in 1985 she was hired by Elgin Felipa as a secretary. She talked about her highlights and unforgettable experiences with her clients in the office.

ENNIA thanks its clients, partners, employees and the Bonaire community for their loyal support and trust over the past 40 years and looks forward to many more years of cooperation and growth.