Donation end of year budget to good causes

Many people in our society are facing difficult times. More than ever before, these times require us to be empathetic and give each other extra attention. That’s why ENNIA will donate its entire end of year budget to charitable causes this year. Which organizations will receive a donation will be a joint decision of ENNIA’s partners and clients. They will be asked if they’d like to financially support a good cause, and ENNIA will increase the amount with part of its budget.

Everyone is invited to contribute with a donation to the chosen charities. Additionally, everyone can vote on the page Together.

Charitable causes under pressure

Virtually everyone has been impacted by the current crisis, and this is especially true for charities. These organizations play a crucial role in our community and need our support to be able to continue their important work.

Together we’re strong

ENNIA is inviting its partners and clients to join in nominating a good cause and furthermore contribute with a donation. ENNIA will increase every donation and will keep track of the raised amounts on the website.

Promo video for good cause with the most votes

Everyone can vote online. ENNIA will make a professional promo video for the organization with the most votes, to give well-deserved attention to the important work being done.

This end of year campaign will be live on the website as of Tuesday, December 15, and is shared via TV, radio, newspapers and social media.

Go to Together and help make a positive difference!