New ENNIA Pension Pass offers 25% more Fun Miles with every transaction

In the spirit of Dia di Penshunado, ENNIA has renewed its Pension Pass. Everyone who receives an ENNIA pension can get the new Pension Pass, which offers pensioners extra benefits when spending and is even easier to use.

The Pension Pass now also doubles as a personalized Fun Miles card, so you can get your Fun Miles anywhere you normally would. But when you use your Pension Pass, ENNIA will give you 25% more Fun Miles with every transaction.

“We respect people with seniority and life experience. We are excited to provide these extra rewards to every pensionado who has built up their pension with ENNIA. By offering 25% more Fun Miles with every transaction, Pension Pass holders can get more “fun” out of the Fun Miles loyalty program,” says Lesley-Ann Brodie, Managing Director at ENNIA.

In addition to getting 25% more Fun Miles, pensionados can show their Pension Pass on Wednesday mornings at more than 10 restaurants to get a free cup of coffee or tea.

Pension Pass holders can stay up to date on special events and extra giveaways by reading the ENNIA Pensionado Newsletter, or by contacting the Pension Pass information desk.

The ENNIA Pension Pass will also be introduced on Aruba, Sint Maarten and Bonaire later this year.

See here more information about the ENNIA Pension Pass.