Contact via new digital media: quick, plain and simple

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Having your insurance matters in good order is important. We can lend a helping hand. We offer advice and quick answers to your questions. You might think: I want to know something, so I’ll give them a call. But oftentimes that’s not the quickest way. Discover how to go about it in a savvier manner.

If you call us for an answer to a question, it could take longer than you’d like. You might end up in a queue, or be put through to someone else and have to tell your story all over again. It could also be the case that an answer isn’t readily available, because your question needs to be looked into and you’ll be called back later. Maybe you can’t pick up the phone then. That’s the problem with calling.

It’s smarter, quicker and cheaper to:

  • Chat with LiveChat on this site.
  • App  WhatsApp
  • Or send a message via Facebook, Messenger or Instagram.

How so smarter, quicker and cheaper?

Discover the ease of using our digital media. No hassle with waiting on the phone. You can ask your question and go about your business. Your reply will come in automatically. That’s pretty convenient and it doesn’t cost you any call credit.

- Chat
On we have a live chat function. With a simple chat you’ll get your answer straight away. For questions that come in through our digital channels we have a special Webcare-team ready to serve you. If it’s a little busy at the time, then the answer will appear on your screen a little later. There’s no need to worry.

- App
Also easy: just send an app with your question from your mobile. That’s clear and straightforward.

- Message
We’re also reachable via Facebook, Messenger or Instagram, which is especially convenient for social media fanatics.

- Contact forms
A fourth option is using our contact form here. We’ll get in touch as soon as possible. Digital Media also allows easy document sharing. You’ll be able to save the documents straight to your PC or laptop.

How does it suit you?

There is plenty of choice. All aimed at saving your waiting time. Give it a try. We’re curious to know how it suits you.

Are you looking to have an in-depth conversation or need us to listen to your story? That’s of course also possible. In that case calling is a good option. Or better yet: drop by our office. That makes for a much more pleasant conversation.
Just know that we’re here for you. However you choose to reach out to us.