Work To Live Traveling adds travel insurance to its services

From the moment the company was founded in 2012, Work To Live Traveling has been offering comprehensive travel services to its clients. Their mission is to take care of all of their clients’ traveling needs and to offer them a completely worry-free traveling experience.

“We take care of the whole travel process for our clients. This includes everything from their itinerary, tickets, hotel, car rental, GPS rental, to arranging US visas for Dutch passport holders, and other travel needs. We also help our clients save for and book cruises. We do this for family trips, but also for business trips,” explains Elaine Mauricia, director at Work To Live Traveling.

Recently, the company has further expanded its services by offering travel insurance as well. With travel insurance, travelers are covered in case their trip needs to be cancelled or interrupted due to illness or any other cause. It also provides coverage in the event that medical expenses are incurred during the trip, or if damages occur due to loss or theft.

Work To Live Traveling chose to collaborate with ENNIA in order to be able to offer these services, and an insurance expert is available to give advice about which type of insurance is right for a specific trip.

“We look at the client’s travel plans and based on that we know exactly what the traveler needs, so we can offer a customized travel insurance policy that meets these needs perfectly,” according to Shairon Balentina, insurance specialist at ENNIA.

Photo, at front from right to left: Elaine Mauricia, directeur van Work To Live Traveling, and Reinald Curiel directeur ENNIA.