You are liable for a higher amount than you are insured for, now what?

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A car accident…fortunately, it’s usually only the vehicles that are damaged, and the expenses are manageable. But what happens if the accident causes serious bodily injury to the other party, and you are liable for those damages? In those cases, costs can skyrocket. A f 300,000 damage claim is no longer the exception.

Do you know how much liability (WA) coverage you have? Most drivers don’t know, and also don’t know you can choose your level of liability coverage.

Having enough liability coverage not only gives you peace of mind, but the other party as well. Their damages will be paid by your insurance company, and they can go on with their lives. It’s not expensive to increase your liability coverage. The maximum liability coverage amount is f 1,000,000 ($ 558,659).

Suppose that a damage claim is f 350,000, and your liability insurance only covers f 150,000. That means you would still have to pay f 200,000 to the other party. This would be a complete nightmare! You would have to sell your home and your belongings to be able to pay for this.

According to the law, you must have a minimum liability coverage of f 90,000. A car insurance policy from ENNIA provides you with a standard liability coverage of f 150,000. This may seem like enough, but costs of hospitalization, disability, etc., can quickly exceed that amount.  And as the liable party, you will have to pay for all these costs, whether you are insured for them or not. That’s why it’s smart to increase your coverage to f 250,000, f 500,000, or f 1,000,000.

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