Children’s Museum Curaçao joins forces with new Corporate Partner

Children’s Museum Curaçao is extremely proud of its new corporate partner, ENNIA. As a Corporate Partner, ENNIA will be teaming up with the Children’s Museum to propagate a joint mission. The two institutions jointly contribute to the improvement of the lives of the children on Curaçao. 

Esther de Sola, the Director of Children’s Museum Curaçao: “As a museum, we are extremely proud of this relationship with ENNIA. We work in two different worlds; what connects us is the same vision on the importance of investing in our children. We both set great store by enriching the lives of children.” 

This is not the first time that ENNIA supports this museum, the first to be exclusively devoted to children. When the museum was founded in 2017, ENNIA already helped with the construction and fitting out of the Starry Night space in the museum: an exciting exhibition space in the dark, where the children can embark on a journey of discovery.

A museum of and for the community

Cooperation with trade and industry has been an important principle of the Children’s Museum from the very start. With the help of corporations it has been able to set up and – also important – operate a high quality museum. 

Corporate Partners are essential to Stichting Kindermuseum Curaçao in order to safeguard its future. This partnership allows the museum to offer children high-quality learning experience and programs, but also contributes to its further development as an educational centre for children, teachers and parents. Finally, this type of sponsorship ensures that the museum remains affordable for the children of Curaçao.

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