Mau-Asam Travel expands travel packages with ENNIA travel insurance

Mau-Asam Travel now also offers ENNIA travel insurance when booking a trip. Both their travel packages as well as the insurance policies can be paid with Fun Miles.

 “Mau-Asam Travel has been one of the most prestigious travel agencies on Curaçao for over thirty years”, says William Glenn Mau-Asam, Managing Director at Mau-Asam Travel. “Our wide range of travel packages and different travel products sets us apart from the rest of the travel industry on the island. At Mau-Asam Travel, you can buy a plane ticket, hotel room, or rental car, but you can also buy a complete travel package for the whole family. We represent all cruise lines as well. And now, we have expanded our travel packages even further by offering ENNIA travel insurance as well.”

ENNIA is the largest insurance company on Aruba, Bonaire, Curaҫao, and St. Maarten, and offers the most extensive travel insurance packages with unique advantages. Enjoy worry-free travel with ENNIA travel insurance, which also offers extra medical coverage, as well as cancellation insurance. In case of emergency, death, or an accident during your trip, you can reach ENNIA 24/7 by calling their emergency number, which is available worldwide.

Mau-Asam Travel is the only travel agency on Curaҫao where you can not only earn Fun Miles, but you can pay with them as well. The travel insurance policies from ENNIA can be paid at Mau-Asam Travel with Fun Miles as well.

“This collaboration with ENNIA ensures we can offer our customers even more comprehensive services”, says William Glenn Mau-Asam. “Besides offering excellent travel insurance, ENNIA also offers helpful prevention tips which can help you better prepare for your travels and help you have a safe trip.”

ENNIA is proud of its partnership with Mau-Asam Travel, and wishes everyone on Curaҫao a worry-free summer vacation.