Young talent at Art Rules Curaçao

Meet the aspiring creative talents sponsored by ENNIA to participate in Art Rules Curaçao. Kyara and Ilse have become familiar faces at Art Rules Curaçao, and this is their third time participating in the summer program. This time they are attending the Creative Media workshop. These artistic girls are completely in their element at Kura di Arte. For Dilara, everything is still new. The aspiring singer can’t wait to start, but is also a little nervous. For Sarah, it’s her second time in the program, and she wants to learn everything there is to know about acting. She is not looking for the lead roles, but for the supporting roles, and she prefers playing characters with a great sense of humor. The two determined boys in the group have a clear mission: becoming a DJ. The youngest ENNIA-participant, Junar (13 years old), wants to be like his idol, Martin Garrix, who travels the world and makes music. Phlynn even has his own DJ-name already. He writes his own songs, and together with his friend he forms the duo “DRFT”.
Over the course of the next few days we will be giving you more detailed information about each of the participants through social media. So keep following us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.
Pictured from left to right: Sarah Veiera Ribeiro, Kyara Meijer, Ilse Pasman, Dilara Tramm, Junar Martina and Phlynn Zwaan.