ENNIA Education Plan.

It might seem like the distant future, but education is expensive, both locally and abroad. There are scholarships, but those are often insufficient in covering all of the expenses.

In addition, these scholarships usually require a contribution from the parents, related to their level of income, which can add up to thousands of guilders each year. As a parent, it is frustrating not to be able to figure out how much your child’s study expenses will be.

With the ENNIA Education Plan, your child will be properly prepared for the future. The ENNIA Education Plan is a flexible and customized savings-based insurance, that allows you to start saving now for your child’s education. Even if something happens to you (whether it is disability or death) during the Education Plan term, your child will still receive the predetermined saved amount when the plan matures.

Why choose an ENNIA Education Plan?

  • An affordable monthly premium now, a higher payout later.
  • Flexible payout options.
  • Guaranteed payout of full predetermined amount, even if something happens to you in the meantime.

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